When I entered the theater to see Mark Devries‘s film Speciesism: The Movie I was a speciesist. When I came out I could no longer justify the treatment of animals with any rational arguments because they were all demolished in this brilliant and compelling film. The intellectual debate over speciesism is now over.”

Michael Shermer, monthly columnist for Scientific American, publisher of Skeptic magazine, adjunct professor Chapman University, and author of Why Darwin Matters


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From the audiences:

I don’t think anything like this has been done before – it is a must-­see for … anyone interested in philosophy, social justice, nutrition, medicine, and just about anything else!  It is heartfelt, poignant, even funny at points, raw, and both sad and uplifting.  I went home and immediately ordered 3 DVD copies.  See it today – you won’t regret it.

­‐Gina, Washington, DC

I was one of the first to stand for your well-­deserved standing ovation, because I was so impressed and moved by your incredible film.

‐Jaya, Los Angeles, CA

Your documentary struck [me and my housemate] hard. Tears of shocked realization were shed. That night, the way we viewed the world changed in the most incredible way! … Thank you so much, for being educators with such clarity and passion on a topic that has now become more important and significant to us that we ever could have imagined. You have changed our lives forever.

‐Jessica, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been thinking about [Speciesism: The Movie] a lot actually and was raving about it to my wife. … I’ve come to the conclusion at this point that my thoughts about humans vis­‐a­‐vis animals are basically irrational, which is hard for me to swallow!

-­David, Washington, DC

I can’t stop thinking about this documentary. Very grateful to have seen it. Few documentaries have impacted me this much. … This is probably the only documentary I’ve seen that motivated me to action.

-Christine, Toronto, Canada

Wanted to write just to tell you how completely blown away I was by your film. It’s rare to find an “animal rights” movie that is able to make you laugh while still covering all the major philosophical issues that surround speciesism. It’s a very approachable film…

-Katie, Washington, DC

Of all the movies I have watched about animal exploitation (and believe me, I have watched them all), this one is by far the best.  What I love about this film is that it is appropriate, and tolerable, to watch straight through. I’ve found that other films try to shock the viewers by showing 90 minutes of graphic, psychologically damaging imagery of animals violently being abused. While [Speciesism: The Movie] shows snippets of how animals are treated in exploitative industries, the focus is more on the reasoning and arguments that support an anti-speciesist worldview. This is what people need to hear; the rational basis behind the animal protection movement.  This is an EXCELLENT movie that will stimulate lasting conversation, whether it be in the classroom, or with family and friends.

-Cheryl, Milwaukee, WI

I’ve seen numerous animal rights documentaries, and this one was quite different. … Parts of this movie continue to pop into my head every day. … I hope it has an everlasting impact on how people perceive and treat non-­‐human animals.

-­Natascha, Salt Lake City, UT

Speciesism: The Movie is by far the most convincing, intelligent, didactical and authentic movie about animal rights and speciecism I have ever seen. Absolutely brilliant.

‐JP, Bielefeld, Germany

I appreciate this film for the conversation which very few (if any) filmmakers have broached: what sets apart humans from animals…really. Not the usual “here’s why we’re better, or worse” but let’s really ask “what distinguishes us?” And to stay with the question, logically, to see what’s there. That’s documentary film at its best.

-­Jenny, Sacramento, CA

I attended the West Coast Premiere of Speciesism on September 26th, 2013 and was blown away by the documentary. Mark Devries is 26 now but made the movie in college when he was ages 21 -­‐ 23. … From philosophers to biologists to animal advocates to farmers to citizens affected by the environmental effects of factory farming, Mark doesn’t leave any stone unturned in his quest. … Mark accomplishes his goals while being witty and entertaining. He employs ironic comparison but always lets the viewer decide the truth for him or herself. It is not suggestive, pushy or biased, and he never gives his explicit views. … My favorite part of Speciesism is that Mark is respectful in his approach instead of being confrontational. There are no gruesome animal slaughter scenes… The fact that Mark was able to accomplish this goal in this way makes the possibilities for the future endless and exciting. College kids, high school kids, and middle school kids will all relate very well to the style, presentation, and message of Speciesism. … When your grand children ask you if you were a speciesist or if you stuck up for the individual rights of all animals … what will you say?

-Rima, Los Angeles, CA

I just had to share this with you… My 79-­year-­old mom is visiting me from out of town. I have talked to her several times about [animal rights] and she’s always kind of brushed me off and gave me the impression she thought I was being extreme. So when I realized that she was going to be here while your movie was playing in LA, I told her I was going to take her to see it. At first she was very resistant, but then she agreed to go. Well when it was over she told me she loved the movie and said it was very well done. She talked about it all the way back home. She thanked me for taking her to see it. You definitely made her stop and think and question her beliefs and behavior. And for a woman who will be 80 in 2 months, that is huge! Thank you again for making this thought provoking, intellectually stimulating movie!

-­Kirsten, Los Angeles, CA

A brilliant film, and one of the only animal agriculture documentaries that I can recommend without reservations for a general audience. It is lighthearted, but really challenges the viewer to find either the animal rights argument, or conventional views on animal use, to be in error. … The film restricts its focus to the philosophical / logical question of how we should treat animals. This makes it much easier to watch than those that focus on the horrors of factory farming, and makes it more coherent than those that focus on everything (health, environment, cruelty, philosophy). … It provides some background information on the state of industrial animal farms, but really only what is absolutely necessary to have an intelligent conversation about the topic.

-Ed, Los Angeles, CA

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in that it really gets you to think deeply about everything instead of just shoving a bunch of gruesome scenes in your face to appeal to your emotions. I liked this film so much, I want to show everyone I know and discuss it.

-Allyson, Anchorage, AK

With unflinching resolve and clarity, [Speciesism: The Movie] brings humans and their speciesism face-to-face in a way that is not only compelling but entertaining, and often very funny. My 14-year-old son said this movie changed his life, and I echo that sentiment.

-Jim, Philadelphia, PA